For 2019-2020


  1. Students in grades K-12 will be trained every year using the Student Training Materials here. This training will be documented on the CMGConnect platform.
  2. Parents may opt out of having their children trained, but they must sign a form to document their decision.
  3. Every staff person will will be trained and have their background checked every 5 years, as will every volunteer working regularly with minors and vulnerable adults. This, too, will be done on the  CMGConnect platform.


Detailed Workflow:

STUDENTS: After Students are trained (we are aiming for the end of October 2019), enter the counts requested by CMGConnect.

  1. Make sure students are trained in their parish or school (including home school) using age appropriate resources forthcoming from the Diocese of Saint Cloud
  2. Enter the training data (date, time, numbers trained, trainers, etc.) in by going to Children’s Data>Add New and filling in the fields.
    NOTE: Choose “Other” for the ‘Program Name’ using the drop down menu, and, in the ‘Notes’, put the current year’s training program.

  3. Parents may sign a form to opt out of this training, but they assume the task of addressing this important topic at home.

ADULTS: Ask staff and volunteers working regularly with minors and vulnerable adults to make sure their background checks and synced training are current.

Staff and Volunteers must have current background checks BEFORE they begin their ministry, as per the Sexual Misconduct Policy (Revised_Sexual_Misconduct_Policy_2019 and Revised_Sexual_Misconduct_Policy_Spanish_2019).

Then they do their next training when their current background check expires. We are not requiring annual training as in the past.

  1. You may check your users by logging into your account, and going to Users>All Users. To download a list of your users with their certification status, background check dates and more, click on the Export CSV button (it is Excel compatible).
  2. If you cannot find someone on the list after searching for them using the fields above the list:
    1. Check the list under Users>Archived. If they are archived, you can unarchive (recover) them by clicking on the button to the right.
    2. They may be in the CMGConnect platform under another parish or school. Use the Search User in Diocese button, and if you find them, add them to your secondary list by clicking on the light star button to the right. You can then see them anytime by going to Users>Secondary User List. Note that the Secondary User List is only for you. Even other site administrators in your parish cannot see that list.
    3. If the person you are looking for is not in the system, have them go to, Register for a New Account, and do the full training.

It wouldn’t hurt for users (your staff and appropriate volunteers) to log in periodically to make sure their profiles are updated and email address entered. The email address helps in password resets and notifications through CMGConnect.



Previous Years (for review only)




For every student in grades K-3, 4-6 and 7-12 administrators will:

  1. Make sure students are trained in their parish or school using age appropriate resources from the Diocese.
  2. Enter the training data (date, time, numbers trained, etc.) in the new platform at by going to Children’s Data>Add New and filling in the fields.
    NOTE: Choose “Other” for the ‘Program Name’ using the drop down menu, and, in the ‘Notes’, put “Barbara Sinatra Training” for Grades K-6 or “Josh Shipp Training” for Grades 7-12.
  3. Parents may sign a form to opt out of this training, but they assume the task of addressing this important topic at home.

Every volunteer and staff person over 18 who are working with minors or vulnerable adults on a regular basis will:

  1. Have their background checked every 5 years, first required when s/he begins.
  2. Go through the training, to be synced with the renewal of background checks. We moved to a new platform for Adult Training, Background Checks and the submission of Student Training beginning August of 2018. Site Administrators should already have received information about this. We will update this page as we all learn the system, and answer questions as they come up. Of course, you may always contact Catholic Education Ministries at 320-251-0111 with questions.

Instructions for Site Admins:

  1. Go to CMG (Catholic Mutual Group) Connect –
    1. Find and click on the green Sign in Here button on the top right
  2. Log in with the Username and Password you received from Catholic Education Ministries
    1. If you did not get one, contact Tim Welch at
  3. Click on the Resources tab on the left to find site administrator training/documentation
    1. Watch one of the Webinars, the second is better, but missing a couple of minutes at the beginning.
    2. Read the Site Administrator Guide – St. Cloud
  4. All of your staff and volunteers over 18 will need training this year (those under 18 should do the Student Training for their age level).
    1. People with recent background checks over the last 4 years will have accounts already.
      1. They will save money because they do not currently need a background check and their training is shorter, since they will wait to do the full training when their next background check is due.
      2. They will click on the green “Sign in Here” button, and sign in with the username and password they received from their site administrator. (They could also try logging in with the username of firstfullname.lastname.dosc and trying the password we sent to you.)
      3. Site Admins can find their usernames by clicking on Users>All Users on the left. Don’t forget they may be under a different parish or school. You can search the entire diocese by using the Search User in Diocese field.
      4. People with accounts will be doing the “RENEWAL TRAINING – A Safe Side of the Line (St Cloud)” which does NOT include a background check. Since parishes and schools will receive an invoice for background checks, we don’t want people to have them done until it is time for another check.
    2. New staff and those whose Background Checks are up for renewal will need to “Register for a New Account” and take the training entitled “Safe Environment Training, Policy Acknowledgement, and Background Check (St Cloud)” which ends with the Background Check portal.
  5. Student Training information can be found at:

Workflow for Site Administrators:

In an ideal world, the procedure is be very simple:

  1. Ask your staff and volunteers to log into their accounts at and do the training and background check when it comes due.
  2. Submit the counts of students trained when that is completed.
  3. Archive people on your list who are no longer active.

And you are done. The system then does the Annual Compliance Report for you.


  1. Log in to your account (username for most of you would be your email address) at
  2. Familiarize yourself with the admin and user guides under Resources. It is worth watching one of the two recorded webinars (they are basically the same).
  3. Browse your Users
    1. Familiarize yourself with the Users tab on the left. Note the buttons on the right of each person:
      1. Browse (Eyeball) to see background check, training, and other data.
      2. Edit (Paper and Pen) to edit some of your user’s profile data.
      3. Archive (Red Button) to remove folks from your list. You can un-archive them (i.e. restore them) as needed.
  4. To add people from other parishes/schools: Note the Search User in Diocese button to find those whose main site is another parish or school. Click on that to do the search. Then click on the Star to add them to your Secondary List, which you can view by going to Users>Secondary User List.