Taking Adult Training Online

Step 1: Ask your volunteers and all parish/school staff who work regularly with minors and vulnerable adults to do the online training at stcdio.org/safeenvironmenttraining. They can also find the page by going to the Diocesan Home Page (stcdio.org), scrolling to the right bottom of the page, and following the Safe Environment link.

If they do not have Internet access at home, they can do the training at a library, or you can invite them to meet with you where you have Internet access. The video is only 13 minutes, and they can read the documents before they meet with you to watch the video and answer the online questions.

Here is how parish/school staff and volunteers do the online training:

Checking Who Completed Adult Training Online

Step 2: Periodically see who completed the online training, so you can remind those who have yet to do it.

Here is how Safe Environment contact people check who has completed the online training:

Completing the Annual Compliance Report from Online Training Report

Step 3a: When everyone has completed the online training, and the students have been trained, complete the Annual Compliance Report.

Here is how Safe Environment contact people complete the Annual Compliance Report by copying and pasting the data from their online training account:

Here is how Safe Environment contact people complete the Annual Compliance Report manually, including tips on using Excel’s Fill Down feature to expedite the work: