Step 1: Sign a Criminal Background Check Release Form and return it to your Safe Environment Contact person if you have not done so within the past 5 years

Step 2: Read the Diocesan Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Step 3: Read the Ethics and Integrity Guidelines.

Step 4: Watch the following video: “Creating a Safe Environment: Ever Vigilant”.

Step 5: Complete the questionnaire below, click “submit,” and wait for the confirmation notice.

This will document the completion of your annual safe environment training (refresh the page if you don’t see the training questions below).
Note: After you click “Submit”, you should see a message saying “Your online training is complete!” If it doesn’t appear, please click here, answer the questions, and click “Submit” again.

FOR TRAINERS DOING FACE TO FACE TRAINING: You may download the Word (DOC) or PDF version of this questionnaire to make copies for your group. Also, you may download the video by right clicking here (MP4) and selecting Save As… , Save Target As…, or Save Link as… depending on your browser. That way, Internet access during your showing is not an issue. You can play the video right from your computer.

Safe Environment Online Questionnaire

  • *** If you do not choose a Parish or School from this drop down list, you must fill in the “Other or Additional Parish(es) or School(s)” field below with the city and name of your organization, or else your training cannot be processed.


You must click the “Submit” button for the information to be sent. If there is any problem seeing the questions, click here to reload the form.