For 2018-2019

Training for Students will continue as usual. Your parish or school Site Administrator will be receiving more information about this year’s training (which will also be posted here). You can ask her/him about the programs or watch this space for more information. Of course, you may always contact Catholic Education Ministries at 320-251-0111 with questions.


Here’s Last Year’s 2017-2018 Student Training Information for Review

Here is last year’s 2017-2018 Student Training for your review

Resource Listing for This Year’s Safe Environment Training for Students 2017-2018


Student Training – Use these Resources from your Binder and/or Online:

Strong Voices, Smart Choices


Grades K-5:   DVD from Safe Environment Binder – Strong Voices, Smart Choices





Personal Power


Grade 6-8:  DVD from Safe Environment Binder – Personal Power





Katie's StoryGrades 9-12: DVD from Safe Environment Binder – Katie’s Story from Webwise Kids.

(It is also available on YouTube at Some of the comments are explicit, so you may want to watch it at is a free online service that removes many of the ‘features’ of YouTube and Vimeo that can become problematic)



***** The DVDs for all grade levels are in the binders you received in the past and were asked to keep.

Parishes must submit the Student Training Form which is now part of the Annual Compliance Report to Chancery, PO Box 1248, Saint Cloud, MN   56302, before parish staff go on summer vacation; but please no later than June 30. (The Declination Statement (DOC) is only for parents who decline use of this training for their children.)

Parent Information

Parishes should notify parents when safe environment training is being planned and welcome them to view the material prior to its presentation or to be in attendance when the material is shared.

Parish Sample Bulletin Announcement (DOC) for this training.