Building community with faith, food, fellowship

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August 14, 2015


Bishop Donald Kettler welcomes people to the event, which included a picnic, prayer and an opportunity to meet people of other faiths. Photos by Dianne Towalski / The Visitor

By Dianne Towalski
The Visitor

People from several faith communities gathered at Lake George Aug. 9 for a picnic organized by Greater St. Cloud Interfaith Leaders, a recently formed group focused on fostering a spirit of welcome and acceptance in the community.

“It’s important to me, coming into a new community as I have, to get to know the people,” said Bishop Donald Kettler. “We’ve gotten together and I’ve had an opportunity to meet some of the people from the Somali community, from the Hispanic-Latino community and from others. That’s what we’re doing, getting to know each other. If something comes up and you know somebody, you can talk to them about it.”

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