Committee refuels efforts for Catholic Scouting

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By Kristi Anderson
The Visitor

scoutsIn October, Bishop Donald Kettler appointed Father Ben Kociemba as the new chaplain for the Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting. Since then, Father Kociemba has been recruiting people from across the diocese to help renew efforts to promote Catholicism through Boy Scout activities.

“What is exciting about this is that we are trying to minister to the Boy Scouts and their spiritual needs, especially the Catholic Boy Scouts,” Father Kociemba said. “We have awards that families and troops can work toward with their kids that help them grow in their faith.”

The 16-county geographic area of the diocese includes two Boy Scout councils — the Central Minnesota Council and the Northern Lights Council. Each council can use the structures in place from the National Catholic Committee on Scouting and tailor it to their needs.

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