Faith leaders call on U.S. to halt ‘inhumane’ family detention policy

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March 31, 2015

Religious leaders at Texas news conference ask U.S. government to stop family detentions of immigrants, adopt humane alternatives

Religious leaders, including Catholic and Lutheran bishops, meet outside St. Joseph Church in Pearsall, Texas, March 27. After visit to a nearby detention facility, the group called on U.S. government to halt the practice of family detention and to adopt humane alternatives. (CNS photo/Jordan McMorrough, TodayÕs Catholic)

DILLEY, Texas (CNS) — Five Catholic and Evangelical Lutheran bishops traveled to the Dilley Detention Center in south Texas March 27 and visited with families — young mothers with children from Central America — who are being detained there.

Last year, more than 68,000 families from Central America fled violence in their home countries. Many are being detained rather than released into alternative programs that provide them with case management and community support.

The faith leaders called upon the federal government to halt the practice of detentions, citing the harmful effects on the mothers, children, and society.

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