Filmmaker writes more about own faith journey than about Mother Teresa

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March 29, 2015

“Love: The Saint and the Seeker” by Christina Stevens. Hay House (Carlsbad, California, 2014). 329 pp., $16.95.

Everyone is on a journey to somewhere for something or someone. For Catholics, it is commonly known as a “faith journey” in which we, to quote the Baltimore Catechism, were created to “show forth (God’s) goodness and to share with us his everlasting happiness in heaven.”

In “Love: The Saint and the Seeker,” her first book for adults, Christina Stevens chronicles her journey — a response to a dream that took her to Kolkata, India, in 1994 to meet and convince Mother Teresa to be filmed. If journeys were so simple, Stevens’ story would have been reduced to a pamphlet, or a pocket guide at most.

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