Chalkboard with words "back to school"

Have you noticed the “Back to School” advertisements in the media?  One barely has had time to feel the summer heat and enjoy the slower pace!  Yet we do need to think about another school year ahead.  What kinds of opportunities will we offer in our parishes to increase the faith growth of our children, youth, young adults, adults, families, etc?  Faith formation is ongoing from birth to natural death.  So what are we going to do to reach out to people?

Teaching the Catholic faith is a challenge in this culture.  I once had a professor that stated:  “The family, the school and the Church used to shaped the culture.  Now the culture is shaping the family, the school and the Church.” How can we be shapers of a culture that values the spiritual formation of our children?

Catholic Schools have a rich history of providing spiritual formation in an academic setting.  St. Cloud Diocese is blessed to have 27 elementary schools on 31 campuses and two Catholic high schools.  Dedicated Catholic leaders, teachers and staffs create an environment where the Catholic faith is modeled every day.

Parish faith formation programs are offering some wonderful opportunities for families and children to grow in faith.  Check out your local parish to see what the upcoming year will offer to enhance faith growth.

As this Year of Faith continues let us thank the many people who lead us on this faith journey from Bishop Kinney, our priests, deacons, religious leaders and the many dedicated catechists both in parishes and Catholic Schools.

Enjoy the next weeks of summer and breathe in the beauty of God’s love and grace.