We are 7 days into the wonderful year of 2015. Like everyone is saying, “Where has the time gone to?” Nonetheless the enthusiasm around a new beginning is exciting. Even the cold weather is a gentle reminder of who really is in charge!

My meditation for today focused on the importance of living in the now. Can we really do this? How often do we talk about the past or think about the “good old days”? How often is our life about planning for the future? Schools and parishes are starting to set budgets for the coming year. We have calendars full of appointments for the future so how can we live “in the now”? Yet the saying goes, “Yesterday is history, the future is a mystery, and the present is a gift.” Thank God for the gift of the day even if it feels like -31º.

May your new year be full of grace filled moments, joyful reflections and the love of our tender God.