Youth Ministry and Faith Formation
Inservices and Workshops

Everyone’s faith journey is strengthened and deepened in a variety of ways throughout their entire life-span. Catholic Education Ministries assists parishes and staffs by providing them support and resources to enhance meaningful, effective faith experiences at every age. This includes providing resources for people with ability differences, particularly with sacramental preparation.


2019 – 2020 Diocesan Youth Council

Diocesan Youth Council

Back left to right: Jenny Wolbeck, Matthew Mayer, Samantha Schlotfeld, Jack Polejewski, Katey Gertsema, Katelyn Vouk, Scott Frieler,  Jason Prigge. Front left to right:  Katie Felix, Katie Schmitz, Kayla Kulzer, Kandra Schmitz,

The Diocesan Youth Council is made up of Youth in grades 9-12 from a variety of parishes from across the diocese. These youth meet 5-6 times annually. The DYC help plan and assist in the implementation of Diocesan Sponsored Youth Ministry events. These events are primarily, but not exclusive to, the Annual Diocesan Senior High Conference and Junior High Youth Rally.


In the Ministry of the WordIn The Ministry of The Word

In the Ministry of the Word is a catechist formation program sponsored through Catholic Education Ministries. Each two-hour session focuses upon a different aspect of basic formation that helps the catechist become more effective and confident in their ministry of catechesis. This formal, structured, sequential training process is available free of charge to any parish in the Diocese of Saint Cloud. Upon completion of all 16 sessions, the catechist will receive a certificate.

View the progam information in the Lay Ministry Formation area.

Center for Ministry Development

The Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies Program is a ministry education program for adults in ministry with youth in both parish and school settings. It equips leaders with the knowledge, skills, practical tools, and techniques needed for creative and comprehensive ministry with youth. Catholic Education Ministries partners with parishes in this training and scholarships are available to assist with the expenses. Undergraduate credits through Saint John’s University may also be earned.

Offerings of CMD Classes will be re-assessed in the year ahead based on need for training. For the nearest training locations and classes please visit: