Renewing the VisionThrough a variety of opportunities, events and outreach, Catholic Education Ministries seeks to draw parish catechetical and youth ministry leaders, as well as young people, into responsible participation in the life, work and mission of the Church within their parish and diocesan community. We believe this ministry is to, with, by and for young people and is a blessing for the entire community. For more info: Visit the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry.

Mission: To serve those who serve the young Catholic Church in the Diocese of Saint Cloud.

Vision: Guided by the USCCB Renewing the Vision of Youth Ministry Document, Catholic Education Ministries aims to participate in the mission of the Catholic Church by advocating for and supporting Catholic Youth Ministry and Adolescent Catechesis on the diocesan, parish, and local level.

In this effort we:

  • advocate for the role and needs of young people in the Church and in society and promote the role of the Church and the Gospel in the lives of young people.
  • promote a comprehensive approach to youth ministry and adolescent catechesis as articulated in Renewing the Vision and the National Directory for Catechesis.
  • provide leadership, resources, services, and conferences for the education and formation of leaders in adolescent catechesis and youth ministry, and young people.
  • support parish priests and youth ministry and catechetical leaders.

What is National Catholic Youth Ministry? Find out more.