Hopefully, you have had a chance to participate in the Synod at a listening consultation or online. (Visit www.stcdio.org/synod-2021-2024 for more information). It is the hope of Bishop Kettler that the information gleaned from the synod sessions held diocesan-wide can be used to see where there are gaps, where wounds exist and what the hopes and dreams are for the Church in our diocese.

“The Eucharistic Revival is an opportunity for us to grow, heal and learn,” Bishop Kettler said. “I am very excited to promote this initiative and I hope that everyone — those who are faithful in the Church today and those who have been hurt or disenchanted for one reason or another — remembers why they love the Eucharist itself, not just the priest or the building. This is a chance to know Jesus in the sacrament and in service to one another.”