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Throughout the day, Catholic school educators will immerse themselves in a tapestry of wisdom and insight, guided by Dr. Ron Fussell’s expertise and passion for fostering optimism and faith in education. Participants will engage in meaningful discussions, sharing experiences and insights, while forging connections with fellow educators from across the diocese. It promises to be a day of empowerment, leaving attendees equipped with the tools and inspiration to craft compelling narratives of hope and resilience.


Dr. Ron Fussell has had a distinguished career as an educator and leader in both public and Catholic schools. He has spearheaded innovative initiatives to enhance curricula, leadership development, and Catholic school identity across 26 schools. Dr. Fussell holds the position of associate chair of Education and director of Catholic School Leadership at Creighton University, where he teaches and oversees programs for Catholic school leaders. He is an author, speaker and member of various educational organizations. He is deeply committed to advocating for Catholic education, addressing topics such as educator faith formation and school leadership development. He regularly shares his expertise at Catholic schools and national forums, championing the mission of Catholic education and the students it serves.

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