Office Manager/Bookkeeper/Executive Assistant
Mary, Mother of the Church ACC
Wadena Area, Minnesota

Mary, Mother of the Church Area Catholic Community is seeking applications for a full-time Office Manager/Bookkeeper/Executive Assistant for the St. Ann parish office in Wadena. Job Duties include office management, bookkeeping for 3 parishes (St. Ann in Wadena, St. John the Baptist in Bluffton and St. Joseph in Bertha), answering phones, scheduling events and updating a Google calendar. In addition, this position includes being an executive assistant to Fr. Aaron Kuhn by performing lay tasks such as; scheduling appointments, overseeing documents and other various duties requested by Fr. Aaron.

Full-time benefits are available (health insurance, retirement, vacations, etc.)

To Apply:
For more information contact:

Deacon Randy Altstadt  
ACC Business Administrator  
(218) 632-7315  

Director, Parish Operations
Church of Christ Our Light Catholic Parish
Princeton, Minnesota

Reports to: Pastor

Effective Date: 08/28/23

The Director of Parish Operations supports the Pastor with a primary focus on Parish Operations, Human Resources, Finance, and Facilities Maintenance. As a trusted partner with the Pastor, the Director provides leadership, strategic direction, and coordination for all parish activities including stewardship. This position plays a key role in continuing the parish mission to Love God and Live the Eucharist by connecting people with our vision to attract, transform and serve our adopted brothers and sisters in Christ.

The official title is “Director, Parish Operations” and it is further classified as an exempt, 40-hour exempt staff position with benefits according to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  Weekend, evening and others hours as required.

This document is subject to revision as the needs of the organization change.

General Responsibilities

  1. Maintain and manage effective working relationships with the pastor, staff, parish community, suppliers, committees, and other parish stakeholders.
  2. Collaborate with the pastor to develop and effectively execute strategies and key performance indicators (KPIs) in support of the parish vision and mission.
  3. To conduct oneself in a manner consistent with the faith, moral, teachings and laws of the Roman Catholic Church. Read and sign the “Sexual Misconduct Policy” and “Ethics and integrity in Ministry” policies as required by the Diocese of St. Cloud.
  4. Direct and manage operational policies and procedures to create an environment where ministries can thrive in a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment.
  5. Manage all electronic/technical equipment and networks including but not limited to Wi-Fi, computers/printers, sound systems, software, and phone system.
  6. Advise the Pastor on business and administrative matters that affect the parish.
  7. Perform other duties as assigned.

Specific Areas of Responsibility

  1. Human Resources
    1. Manage parish support staff including the annual evaluation process. Administer parish salary and benefit policies and other parish policies as directed by the Pastor.
    2. Manage the hiring of personnel under the direction of the Pastor. Develop and implement performance management practices that align with mission and vision of the parish.
    3. Coordination of regular staff meetings; facilitate Finance Council meetings; attend Parish Council meetings and other meetings as needed.
  2. Finance
    1. Provide financial compliance by ensuring generally accepted accounting principles are implemented and followed.
    2. Administer the annual budget process in collaboration with the pastor, parish staff, Finance Council, and other committees to ensure financial stability.
    3. Serve as a resource to parish in financial matters and as parish contact with financial institutions, organizations, and the Diocese.
  1. Facilities Maintenance
    1. Manage maintenance staff, ensuring that facilities, cemeteries, grounds, and equipment maintain a high standard of safety, cleanliness, and functionality.
    2. Ensure that the use of parish and cemetery facilities comply with all parish and insurance rules and regulations.
    3. Solicit and review bids and quotes. Negotiate contracts with suppliers and construction firms.
    4. Prepare, administer, and communicate security policy to staff and parish organizations.
  2. Supervise Office Clerical Staff


  • Required:
    • 5+ years of demonstrated success in a senior management and leadership capacity
    • BA in Business, Finance or similar
    • Successful completion of pre-employment background check.
  • Desired:
    • MBA
    • Certified in Parish Administration and Management including experience in nonprofit management.
    • Ability to engage in continuing studies in church business administration such as that provided by the National Association of Church Business Administrators (NACBA).
    • Dedicated to continued spiritual and intellectual growth through seminars, workshops, readings, and professional associations.

Job Competencies

  1. Building Effective Teams: Blends people into teams when needed, creates strong morale and spirit in his/her team; shares wins and successes; fosters open dialogue; lets people finish and be responsible for their work; defines success in terms of the whole team; creates a feeling of belonging in the team.
  2. Courageous Decision Making: Enables others to share information, evaluate and make fact based decisions with appropriate sense of urgency, while standing ready to make final decisions when fear of the unknown or complacency gets in the way of progress.
  3. Ethical in Words and Actions: Behaves honestly, acts with integrity, affords others respect and courtesy, maintains confidentiality, avoids conflicts of interest, behaves in a manner that upholds the core values, treats communities and the environment with respect, complies with the law and relevant regulations and never uses their power or influence to gain undue benefit or advantage.
  4. Passion for Results: Driving high standards for individual, staff, and parish accomplishment; tirelessly working to meet or exceed challenging goals; deriving satisfaction from goal achievement and continuous improvement.
  5. Patience: Is tolerant with people and processes; listens and checks before acting; tries to understand the people and the data before making judgments and acting; waits for others to catch up before acting; sensitive to due process and proper pacing; follows established process.
  6. Trusting and Transparent Based Communication: Is naturally inclusive and shares information to instill a learning culture and to drive dialogue, debate, and decisiveness. Values and promotes cross functional relationships with peers to build trust and transparency across organizational lines, for the good of the whole.

To Apply: To express your interest in the position, please submit your resume with cover letter, to Fr. Kevin Anderson, Pastor at

Financial Coordinator
Church of Christ Our Light Catholic Parish
Princeton, Minnesota

Reports to: Parish Administrator

Effective Date: 08/16/23

The Finance Coordinator is responsible for the care and management of the finances and bookkeeper affairs of the parish. As a member of the Christ Our Light staff, this position will coordinate and perform the functions of finance and accounting.

The official title is “Finance Coordinator” and it is further classified as a non-exempt staff position according to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

This position reports directly to the Parish Administrator.  This is a part-time position. Work hours/days are subject to the demands of the position and will vary according to those demands. This document is subject to revision as the needs of the organization change.

General Responsibilities

  1. Be present when needed and ready to work as needed to meet all responsibilities.
  2. Conduct oneself in a manner consistent with the faith, morals, teachings, and laws of the Roman Catholic Church. Read and sign the “Sexual Misconduct Policy” and “Ethics and Integrity in Ministry” policies as required by the Diocese of St. Cloud.
  3. Create a productive environment where there is harmony, good morale, proper communication and collaboration among and between staff members and members of the parish in order that the highest quality of ministry be afforded to the members of the parish community.
  4. Attend parish staff meetings and Finance Council meetings as well as other meetings as requested.
  5. Communicate regularly with the staff outside of said meetings.
  6. Be punctual in keeping office hours.
  7. Perform other related duties as assigned.

Specific Areas of Responsibility

  1. Oversee Financial aspects of parish and performs accounting duties (include but not limited to):
    1. Ensure adherence to all GAAP standards for the nonprofit, tax exempt Christ Our Light Catholic Parish.
    2. Act as the financial liaison between the Parish and the St. Cloud Diocese, including completion and distribution of the Diocesan End of Fiscal Year Financial Report.
    3. Monitor banking activity, investments and cash reserves.
    4. Maintain, update, and perform the preparation of staff payrolls, ensuring adherence to all withholding requirements, employer paid benefits payments and all government reporting standards.
    5. Responsible for month-end and year-end closing process and deliverables associated with reconciliation and reporting requirement for the Parish and the Diocese.
    6. Process expert and lead handling of income, expenses, financial controls and associated record-keeping in the Parish’s financial management tools.
    7. Coordinator for recording and reporting and distributing parishioner contribution statements.
    8. Oversee volunteer weekly collection counters ensuring that appropriate internal controls are in place.
  1. Benefits Administration
  1. Maintain employee records (i.e. employee absences, vacation days), written information, and various forms in accordance with The Parish, The Diocese and benefit providers’ policies under the direction of Parish Administrator (or other designated person).
  2. Interface with all benefit providers to ensure adherence to employee, employer and provider requirements.
  3. Function as the Privacy Officer of Christ Our Light in accordance with HIPAA regulations.
  4. Assure that all parish policies, procedures and practices relative to HIPAA as well as payroll and taxes are in compliance as applicable.


  1. Required
    1. Bachelor’s Degree in business/finance/accounting; or Certified Public Accountant.
    2. At least 5 years in accounting or similar role.
    3. Proficiency with P&L, Balance Sheet, Cashflow Statements.
    4. Must be proficient with MS Office package, QuickBooks On-Line.

Job Competencies

 Action Oriented: Taking prompt action to accomplish objectives; taking action to achieve goals beyond what is required; being proactive. Enjoys working hard; is full of energy for the things he/she sees as challenging; not fearful of acting with a minimum of planning.

  1. Approachability: Is easy to approach and talk to; spends the extra effort to put others at ease; can be warm, pleasant, and gracious; is sensitive to and patient with the interpersonal anxieties of others; builds rapport well; is a good listener; is an early knower, getting informal and incomplete information in time to do something about it.
  2. Customer Focus: Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers; gets firsthand customer information and uses it for improvements in products and services; acts with customers in mind; establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect.
  3. HighImpact Communication: Clearly and succinctly conveying information and ideas to individuals and groups in a variety of situations; communicating in a focused and compelling way that drives others’ thoughts and actions; and helps them understand, retain and engage. Ability to perform multiple tasks at once while maintaining calm and professional demeanor.
  4. Planning and Organizing: Establishing courses of action for self and others to ensure that work is completed efficiently. Mobilizing available internal and external resources to achieve organizational goals; proactively negotiating for and accessing resources outside one’s immediate domain when necessary.
  5. Priority Setting: Spends his/her time and the time of others on what’s important; quickly zeroes in on the critical few and puts the trivial many aside; can quickly sense what will help or hinder accomplishing a goal; eliminates roadblocks; creates focus.
  6. Confidentiality: Must be able to maintain strict confidentiality about parishioners and parish matters.

To Apply: To express your interest in the position, please submit your resume with cover letter, to David Badger, Parish Administrator at

Youth Minister
Haven of Mercy Area Catholic Community
Little Falls area, Minnesota

Reports to: Parochial Vicar

Direct reports: Faith Formation Staff

Provides work direction to:  Faith Formation Staff, Volunteers

Receives work direction from: Pastor, Parochial Vicar, Director of Evangelization and Discipleship

FLSA:                                                 Non-exempt

Schedule:                                            12 months, part time.  Up to 15 hours per week.  The nature of the work and the Church’s schedule of activities requires scheduling flexibility, and the incumbent will work with the team leader to arrange a schedule that meets the needs of both the Parish ACC and the individual.

Benefit Eligible: No

Date:                                                   August 2023

Purpose of Position:  This position works collaboratively with the Pastor(s) and the Director of Evangelization and Discipleship to move forward the mission and ministry of the parish by coordinating youth events with the help of parish volunteers.

This position is hired by Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church with the intent of providing youth ministry to all six parishes in the Haven of Mercy ACC, Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Mary’s, Holy Family, St. Stanislaus, St. James, Sacred Heart.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES (*): Employment in and by the Church is substantially different from secular employment.  Church employees must conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with and supportive of the mission and purpose of the Church.  Their public behavior must not violate the faith, morals or laws of the Church or the Diocese, such that it can embarrass the Church or give rise to scandal.  It is expected that all employees respect Catholic doctrine and religious practices. It is required that this employee be an active, participating Roman Catholic.


  1. To be present, on time and ready for work at all times that the position requires. Includes recognizing when situations require more efforts, seeking approval to put in more time if needed, satisfying responsibilities in a timely manner, providing an example of punctuality and attendance, and generally ensuring all is ready and taken care of.
  2. Help create a productive environment, where there is harmony, good morale, and cooperative teamwork; evaluate and take corrective action as appropriate. Help to facilitate effective communication between employees and volunteers at the parish.
  3. Perform the job in a manner consistent with moral, ethical, legal, and financial standards of civil and canon law, and Catholic Church teaching.
  4. Maintain professional standards of confidentiality.
  5. Recognize, foster and maintain appropriate boundaries with fellow employees, parishioners, visitors and vendors.
  6. Other responsibilities identified as needed by the employee and approved and/or assigned by the supervisor.



Responsibilities:  While the list below highlights the primary responsibilities of the position, it is understood that the list is not all-inclusive and that the employee may, on occasion, be assigned additional tasks or asked to assist on projects that are not specifically identified in this position description. The effort required for such additional tasks will be consistent with the mental and physical demands of this position.


  • MISSION AND MINISTRY DUTIES (*): Youth ministry is one of several ministries through which Haven of Mercy ACC strives to achieve its broader goal of helping our parishioners on their faith journey, striving to grow ever closer to God. Within the parish ACC, the Pastor(s) is ultimately responsible for mapping a course of action, establishing priorities and allocating resources among the various ministries. In helping him fulfill this responsibility, the Pastor(s) expects all employees to consider the overall needs of the parish ACC ahead of the needs of individual ministries.


  1. Plan, organize, recruit volunteers, and lead middle school youth nights.
  2. Plan, organize, recruit volunteers, and lead high school youth nights.
  3. Form core team of high school youth/young adults to assist at youth nights.
  4. Help plan and lead retreats for middle school and high school teens including Camp Shamineau Retreat, Extreme Faith Camp, and other such events.
  5. On occasion, provide service opportunities in the community to help teens put their faith into action.
  6. Coordinate with NET missionaries or other youth-based groups as applicable.
  7. Plan, organize and lead other youth ministry events throughout the year as they arise.



  1. Operate within the time and financial restrictions assigned by supervisor.
  2. All teaching must be in accordance with Catholic Doctrine and Tradition.
  3. Fund raising activities must be approved in advance by the pastor.
  4. The Pastor reserves the right to make pastoral exceptions with respect to program participation and direction.

While the list below highlights the primary responsibilities of the position, it is understood that the list is not all-inclusive and that the employee may, on occasion, be assigned additional tasks or asked to assist on projects that are not specifically identified in this position description. The effort required for such additional tasks will be consistent with the mental and physical demands of this position.


POSITION TITLE:                 Youth Minister

DATE:                                     August 2023


  • Practicing Catholic, Required
  • Demonstrated understanding of Catholic doctrine.
  • Ability to work with limited direct supervision, to effectively lead and direct the efforts of youth and volunteers and to function as a team player.
  • Proficiency in computer programs including Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook.
  • Successfully complete standard background checks and Virtus training.
  • Flexibility working the schedule outlined for the position on a regular basis.

 Mental demands:


  • Possess a clear understanding of the English language. Speak and write effectively.
  • Provide professional leadership, communicating clearly and accurately.
  • Possess strong organizational skills.
  • Be self-motivated and work productively without supervision.
  • Utilize intuitive problem defining skills and the knowledge of problem-solving resources, programs and actions.
  • Deal with difficult situations in a calm, dignified and respectful manner.
  • Be honest, trustworthy and confidential in all areas.
  • Exhibit patience, understanding and calmness in chaotic situations.
  • Live and project a personal lifestyle with Christian values.
  • Ability to foster and maintain appropriate boundaries with fellow employees, volunteers, parishioners, visitors and vendors and to conduct oneself in a friendly, cooperative, courteous and professional manner.
  • Ability and openness to work in constructive collaboration with other team members.
  • Exhibit promptness and dependability.
  • Knowledge of current technology, willingness to remain current with technological advances
  • Parish work may expose the employee to information of a confidential or sensitive nature and the ability to maintain strict confidentiality is an absolute requirement of this position. Failure to appropriately safeguard confidential information will be grounds for immediate dismissal.

Physical demands:

 Move throughout the campus buildings, including walking up and down stairs

  • Occasional lifting and carrying items of up to 40 lbs.
  • Able to walk, stand, sit, kneel or bend as needed.
  • Work long hours when the position demands.
  • Participate in evening and/or weekend responsibilities.
  • Ability to travel to various parishes.
  • Ability to lift ordinary office supplies and bend and reach normal cabinet heights.

To Apply: please contact Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Office (320) 632-8243 for more information and application.

Applications due by Tuesday August 29.

Director of Sacred Music
St. Mary’s Cathedral, St. Cloud, Minnesota/ Office of Worship, Diocese of Saint Cloud
St. Cloud, Minnesota

Terms: Full-Time Employee; 3/4 time St. Mary’s Cathedral; 1/4 time Diocesan Office of Worship

Education: BS in music, liturgical studies, or similar experience in parish music

Experience: 0-2 Years

Base Pay: Salaried, according to qualifications

St. Mary’s Cathedral is an active and vibrant parish family comprised of over six hundred families and engages in a wide variety of ministries and apostolates.  In addition, it is the seat of the Diocesan Bishop and hosts various diocesan liturgical celebrations and special events throughout the year.  The Diocese of Saint Cloud stretches across 16 counties of Central Minnesota, serving its 131 parish communities.

Qualifications: The Director of Sacred Music is a faithful Catholic who demonstrates a love and zeal for the Church’s mission; who has a capacity and desire to lead others in the worship of God; who has a desire to form intentional disciples after the heart of Jesus Christ; who can identify and cultivate the gifts and talents of parishioners for service in developing and fostering the beauty of the liturgical life of the Cathedral and Diocese; who demonstrates a high level of organizational skills and team building abilities; and who has a BS in music, liturgical studies, or similar experience in parish music.

Job Function: Plan, direct, and oversee the sacred music program at St. Mary’s Cathedral parish; assist in preparing rich diocesan liturgies and serve as sacred music resource to diocesan parishes.

As Parish Director of Sacred Music, primary duties are (3/4 time):

  • Collaborate with the Rector to plan, direct, develop and oversee the sacred music of Cathedral,
  • Direct and rehearse the 9:30AM Sunday Mass Choir; and oversee or direct choirs for other Masses and special liturgies throughout the year, i.e., Christmas, Holy Triduum and Easter,
  • Collaborate with sacred music leaders to oversee and coordinate the recruitment and selection of cantors, choir members, musicians, and the selection of sacred music for all liturgies at the Cathedral,
  • And provide ongoing training, renewal, and appreciation for all sacred music ministers.

As Diocesan Associate Director of Music, primary duties are (1/4 time):

  • Act as a resource to parishes, schools, offices, and institutions on matters of liturgical music,
  • Work collaboratively with the Director of Worship to prepare meaningful diocesan liturgies,
  • Be responsible for the selection of music, recruitment of singers and musicians, procurement of music, scheduling of rehearsals, conducting rehearsals, and directing the music for all diocesan liturgical events,
  • And help in the recruitment of musicians for the Diocesan TV Mass.

To apply, send cover letter, application, and 3 professional references to:

Any inquires can be sent to:

This position is posted until filled.
(also posted under Diocesan Job Openings)

These positions are with parishes and Area Catholic Communities in the Diocese of St. Cloud. These parishes and ACCs are separate entities from the diocese. Please follow the application instructions with each specific job listed.

For Employers:
To post a position, please send a brief position description and application instructions to the Director of Human Resources in the form of a Word document or in the body of the email. Please contact us to remove the position once you have filled it. Positions will be automatically removed after 60 days unless you request an extension.