In August 2001, the State of Minnesota enacted a bill regarding premarital education. This bill offers a $75 waiver off marriage license fees to couples who complete a minimum of 12 hours of premarital education that includes:

a premarital inventory AND the teaching of communication & conflict management skills

These requirements are met through the completion of the Fully Engaged premarital inventory administered within each individual parish and this diocesan approved Marriage Preparation Course.

How to receive a Reduced Marriage License Fee

  1. Complete the Fully Engaged Inventory. Discuss with appointed sponsor couple, priest or deacon.
  2. Participate in all Marriage Course presentations to receive a “Certificate of Completion”.
  3. Present the “Certificate of Completion” to the priest, deacon, minister or pastor who is facilitating your marriage preparation as proof of attendance and participation AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
  4. IMPORTANT! The priest, deacon, minister or pastor will provide a document stating you have completed the requirements for the marriage license fee waiver. This “waiver” document must be printed on the educator’s letterhead, and as of August 1, 2009, the educator’s signature on the “waiver” document must be notarized! The educator must also meet one of the following criteria (per Minnesota Statute MS 517.08 subd 1):
    • is a Licensed or ordained minister or
    • is a Person authorized to solemnize marriages under Minnesota Statute, Section 517.18 or
    • is a Person licensed to practice marriage & family therapy under Minnesota Statute, Section 148B.33

    The “waiver” document needs to list both your full first, middle and last legal names. It is to be identical to the names that will be listed on the marriage license!

    Click here for complete details regarding Minnesota Statute 517

  5. Provide the county office with the signed, dated and notarized document obtained from your priest, deacon, minister or pastor. There is a 5-day waiting period. The license is valid for six (6) months. Both bride & groom must be present when applying for a marriage license and both social security numbers are needed for the document.

NOTE: The marriage course certificate IS NOT an acceptable form of documentation to use for the marriage license waiver.

PARISHES – Click here for a sample of the Premarital Education letter (PDF)