Books & Materials

The Office of Marriage & Family offers a number of resources to those wanting to know more about NFP. To place an order, call (320) 252-4721. Postage will be added to all orders.


Title Description Cost
The Billings Method by Dr. Evelyn Billings & Dr. Ann Westmore 2011 Edition $25
The Billings Ovulation Method Booklet $3
Differences Between the Billings Ovulation Method and Other Methods of Natural Family Planning Prepared by Dr. Lek-Lim CHAN, BForSc (NZ), MForSc (NZ), Dip. Rel, Stud. & Catec. (NZ), Dip. HMS (Mal), MD (AM) (OIUCM) $7
The Effects of Light on the Menstrual Cycle: Also Infertility by Mrs. Joy DeFelice, R.N., B.S.N., P.H.N. $5
Fertility, Cycles & Nutrition-Fourth Edition – Completely revised and expanded How your diet affects your menstrual cycles & fertility.

By Marilyn M. Shannon
Humanae Vitae, A Challenge to Love by Pope John Paul VI $2
Managing Morning Sickness What causes it, what role diet plays,what supplements to consider. By Marilyn M. Shannon $3
Monograph-Studies on Human Reproduction, Ovarian Activity and Fertility and the Billings Ovulation Method by Dr. James Brown $5
Physicians Healed Personal, inspiring, and compelling stories of fifteen courageous physicians who do not prescribe contraception. $8
A Review by Dr. Hanna Klaus $2
What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause A complete source for information on how hormones work, natural progesterone and menopause. Revised & updated. By John R. Lee, M.D. and Virginia Hopkins. $14
What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause Offers solutions for PMS, infertility, endometriosis, fibroids fibrocystic breasts, and other hormone imbalance problems that occur prior to menopause. By John R. Lee, M.D., Jesse Hanley, M.D. and Virginia Hopkins. $14


Contraception: Why Not? CD or Cassette Tape-A dynamic and insightful talk by Dr. Janet Smith, University of Dallas. *CD also available in Spanish. $2
Humanae Vitae Cassette Tape-An introduction to and translation of Humanae Vitae by Dr. Janet Smith. *Also available in Spanish (CD). $5
Life Is A Miracle CD-Lullabies for you and your baby. $5
NFP: The Medical Link Cassette Tape-Physicians of many specialties give their personal, professional, and spiritual reasons for having a Natural Family Planning-only practice. $5
NFP: A Preachable Message Cassette Tape-With an introduction by Cardinal Francis George of the Archdiocese of Chicago, many bishops, priests, and a deacon/physician give their personal testimonies of the preachability of NFP and Humanae Vitae. It is an important tool for clergy everywhere. $5
Sexual Honesty CD-A proposal to engaged couples about the truth and meaning of sexual love by Christopher West $2

Charting Materials

Note: Available to NFP clients of the Office of Marriage & Family.

BOM Charts .50
BOM Stamp Packets Packet contains red, green, yellow, white w/baby, green w/baby & yellow w/baby stamps $1.25
Individual Stamp Sheets Single sheets of colors listed above .15 per sheet
Basal Digital Thermometer $8
1st Instruction Packet $7.50
Slide Rule $5