Things to do Before “I do”


As Soon As You Are Engaged (at least six months before wedding)

  • Make an appointment with your parish priest or deacon and set a tentative wedding date.
  • Ask for parish guidelines and diocesan policy for review before first meeting.


Within two weeks of your engagement

  • Meet with the priest or deacon to complete prenuptial investigation.
  • Review parish guidelines and diocesan policy.
  • Take the Fully Engaged inventory.
  • Arrange for the Solemnization of Engagement ceremony.


At least three to six months before your wedding

  • Attend a marriage preparation course.
  • Meet with priest, deacon, or sponsor couple to discuss the Fully Engaged inventory (approximately four to five meetings).
  • Supply celebrant with a current copy of baptismal certificate if marrying outside the parish of your baptism.


Three months to six weeks before your wedding

  • Prayerfully select Scripture readings, petitions, and music.


Forty-five days to one month before your wedding

  • Meet with priest, deacon, or parish staff to discuss details of wedding celebration.


Either a few days prior to your wedding or after your rehearsal

  • Participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation (for Catholic parties).