The Diaconate, restored as a permanent order of ministry by the Second Vatican Council as part of its renewed vision of the church, brings back to the Church the full complement of active Apostolic ministries. In communion with the bishop and priests, the deacon is ordained to function in all three areas of church life: in the transmission of the word; in the celebration of the sacraments and commitment to prayer; and in the community’s love in action through social service.

The deacon is called to be the presence of Jesus, touching the oppressed and the alienated, as well as being a source of encouragement to all the baptized in answering their call to service. By his life, the deacon makes visible to the church and to the world the redemptive service fulfilled by Jesus Christ.

The Diaconate Office for the Diocese of Saint Cloud invites, forms, and supports deacons and their families as they serve the Lord in the diaconate ministry.