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These announcements are for parishes to use in their weekly bulletins. To submit bulletin announcements for use of all diocesan parishes, please email them.

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May 2022 Bishop’s Annual Appeal bulletin announcements

posted 4/25/2022

April 30 – May 1, 2022
Bishop’s Annual Appeal: We receive many prayer intentions from the diocesan faith community. All are carefully preserved and prayed over by Bishop Kettler, diocesan staff and the sisters at St. Clare’s Monastery in Sauk Rapids. Please know that whether or not you are able to send a gift, your requests for prayer are welcome.

May 7 – 8, 2022
Bishop’s Annual Appeal: Thank you to those who have already supported diocesan ministries through the Appeal. As of April 22, the Appeal raised $926,195 in gifts and pledges toward the goal of $1,400,000 with gifts from 5,746 households. Every dollar raised goes directly to ministries that support our Catholic faith and is not used for any other purpose. Will you help these ministries meet their funding needs? Visit www.stcdio.org/annualappeal.

May 14 – 15, 2022
Bishop’s Annual Appeal: The Diocesan TV Mass and parish livestream Masses have been a lifeline for the homebound. Ministries of the Appeal continue their work in support of faith formation, family life, Catholic schools, multicultural ministries, evangelization and vocational discernment. Will you help keep these ministries strong? Visit www.stcdio.org/annualappeal.

May 21 – 22, 2022
Bishop’s Annual Appeal: Have you read The Central Minnesota Catholic magazine? Do you follow the Diocese of St. Cloud on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter andInstagram? Have you visited the diocesan website for resources? All of these communication tools that inform us of the latest Catholic news are supported by the Bishop’s Annual Appeal. Keep the news coming by contributing at www.stcdio.org/annualappeal.

May 28 – 29, 2022
Bishop’s Annual Appeal: Believe, Celebrate, Live! Please remember the diocesan ministries that, through your generosity, continue to build the Kingdom of God here in Central Minnesota. Keep them thriving by making a gift atwww.stcdio.org/annualappeal.

May 2022 Stewardship announcements

posted 4/25/2022

May 7 – 8, 2022
Stewardship as a Way of Life: “The disciples were filled with joy and the Holy Spirit” (Acts 13:52).

The disciples heard our Lord’s call and were able to spread the Gospel message with strength and vitality. We, too, can experience that same joy if we make room for the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts. When we use our gifts in the way that God intends, He fills us with supernatural joy — a joy that others notice and are attracted to!

May 14 – 15, 2022
Stewardship as a Way of Life: “I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another” (John 13:34).

“As I have loved you,” this is the hard part Jesus’s love is unconditional; our love usually comes with strings attached. It is easy to love someone when they love you back. But it takes mercy and compassion to love someone when you feel unappreciated, feel used or feel like your opinion doesn’t matter. It takes courage and the grace of God to “love my neighbor” when they may be someone you don’t like, someone you don’t know or someone who doesn’t look like you.

May 21 – 22, 2022
Stewardship as a Way of Life: “Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid”(John 14:27).

Our limited human understanding cannot begin to understand the immense power of God. Instead of trusting in God, we often think we can control every outcome. Do you want to make God laugh? Tell Him your plans. The next time worry, anxiety or fear creeps in, thank God for all He has given you and trust that He has a better plan for you. Make God your first choice and not your last resort.

May 28 – 29, 2022
Stewardship as a Way of Life: “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end” (Revelation 22:13).

This is a reminder of how we should live our lives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: putting God first in all that we do — not only when we are at Mass and parish activities, but when we are in the world, at work or at school. Living gratefully and generously is an intentional lifestyle. Every decision you make either moves you closer to God or farther away. Choose wisely!

Volunteers needed at CentraCare St. Benedict’s Community

CentraCare St. Benedict’s Community is seeking volunteers to assist with Catholic ministries. The primary need of the community at this time is Eucharistic Ministers. You do not need to have any prior experience in this ministry as St. Ben’s will provide training and commissioning. Eucharistic ministers arrive around 8:30 a.m., round the floors distributing Communion, and serve as Eucharistic Ministers during the 10 a.m. Mass. The current needs are for Monday, Thursday, or Friday mornings and/or one Sunday a month. If you are unable to make a weekly commitment, any amount of time would be a welcome help. If interested in another ministry, other opportunities include chapel attendants (setting up for Mass, escorting residents in and out of the chapel and tending to their needs during Mass) or one-to-one visits with residents in their rooms. For more information, you can contact Rebecca Calderone, Director of Spiritual Care, at 320-252-0010 ext. 30276 or at rebecca.calderone@centracare.com.

Minnesota Farm & Rural Helpline

Catholic Rural Life, a national Catholic nonprofit organization dedicated to the vitality of the American countryside, is helping to spread the message about the 24/7 confidential “Minnesota Farm & Rural Helpline” to all Catholic dioceses in Minnesota. Need help finding a confidential financial or legal adviser? Feeling alone, sad or worried and need a listening ear? Call the hotline at 833-600-2670. “Our farmers are facing hard times and this is one way we can help them. This helpline is offered by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, and all calls are answered locally by trained staff and volunteers,” said Annie Huntington, Catholic Rural Life project coordinator.

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