Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion Workshops

The Office of Worship is offering multiple workshops for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion in September and October. To view the opportunites to attend one of the workshops please see our series of events found on our events page.

Welcome to the Office of Worship

“[T]he liturgy is the summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed; at the same time it is the font from which all her power flows...”

#10, Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy

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About the Office of Worship

The Office of Worship assists the diocesan bishop in carrying out his function as the chief liturgist and promoter and guardian of the liturgical life of this diocese.

This office assists the people of the Diocese of Saint Cloud in liturgical formation by deepening their understanding of the liturgy and helping them to implement the vision of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy.

The Office of Worship provides leadership and direction for the development of liturgical celebrations, prayer, music, art and environment.

Much of the information contained on this website is to assist Pastors, Liturgists, Musicians and Liturgical Ministers with their roles in liturgical preparation and implementation.

Documents of the Liturgy

If you have any questions about the Worship office for the Diocese of Saint Cloud, contact the Office of Worship.