June 2021 Stewardship announcements

June 5 – 6, 2021
Stewardship as a Way of Life:
“Then he took a cup, gave thanks, and gave it to them and they all drank from it.” — Mark 14:23

Jesus, the perfect steward, gave thanks, just before He gave Himself up for us, completely for our salvation.  He offers us the same chance to drink from His cup. In the bread and wine, we meet Christ personally. If we follow Him, drinking from His cup means our own self-sacrifice, using all of our gifts for the benefit of others and to do His work on earth.

June 12 – 13, 2021
Stewardship as a Way of Life:
“For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive recompense, according to what he did in the body, whether good or evil.”  — 2 Corinthians 5:10

We are all accountable for all of the gifts God has given us — our time, our talent and our treasure; everything we have and everything we are. Each of us is accountable not only for our own life but for the lives of others as well. One day God will ask each of us what we did with the gifts we were given. How will you respond?

June 19 – 20, 2021
Stewardship as a Way of Life:
“He asked them, ‘Why are you terrified? Do you not yet have faith?’” — Mark 4:40

Do you really trust God? Is God your first choice or last resort? Is your faith something you just do on Sunday or do you live the Gospel message every day of the week? Many of us know about God. How many of us have a personal relationship with Him? Start now, open your heart to receive our Lord. Talk and listen to Him throughout the day, in all circumstances.

June 26 – 27, 2021
Stewardship as a Way of Life: “… as a matter of equality your abundance at the present time should supply their want, so that their abundance may supply your want, that there may be equality.” — 2 Corinthians 8:14

One of the tenets of living a grateful and generous lifestyle is giving without expecting anything in return. It is important that we not only grow, nurture and share our gifts; but that we also teach our children and encourage others to do the same. This is the communal aspect of our Catholic faith. We are the “Body of Christ.” We are called to be dependent on each other and not live in isolation.