In 1998, the Diocese of Saint Cloud created a logo to reflect the mission statement and standardize official diocesan correspondence. A committee was created by Bishop John F. Kinney. The committee members were Father Robert Rolfes, chairperson, Sr. Lucia Aschenbrener, SSND, Lori Dahlhoff, Catholic Education Ministries, Rose Kruger-Fuchs, St. Cloud Visitor, Rosemary Borgert, Communications Office, and Gary Feldhege, Office of Worship.

The logo was created to incorporate the core of the diocese’s mission statement: “Our mission is to be (Jesus Christ’s) heart of mercy, voice of hope, and hands of justice.” The words “mercy,” “hope” and “justice” appear on the cross – symbolic of Christ – at the heart of the design.

The mission statement’s emphasis on the diocese’s rural tradition is depicted in the logo by wheat on the left and by green and brown swirling shapes on the right, hinting of rolling fields of grain atop rich soil. The swirling blue shape symbolizes water – which is abundant in the diocese’s lakes and rivers – as well as baptism.

Within the oval frame the cross and the wheat along with the swirling shapes suggest “movement, growth and life.” It is a blending of who we are now as a diocese, and who we want to be with our mission statement.

Updated logo 2009 by Barbara Simon-Johnson