A seminary is a place where a young man interested in the priesthood goes to discern and study. Minor seminary is for men in the first four years of college. Some men attending seminary for the first time may have already had some college but typically have not received an undergraduate degree.


Currently, the Diocese of Saint Cloud sends men to minor seminary at either:

Saint John Vianney College Seminary
(St. Paul, MN)




Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary
(Winona, MN)

Some men may have already attended college and have an undergraduate degree. Those men who wish to explore the priesthood then attend major seminary, usually for up to six years. Other men who have completed their undergraduate studies while attending minor seminary then move on to major seminary, usually for four additional years.

Currently, the major seminary where we have men in formation is:

The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity
(St. Paul, MN)