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Undated photo shows close-up of table at San Quentin State Prison in California used for executions by lethal injection

Cruel and unusual punishment? Court to weigh in on lethal injections

January 31, 2015 WASHINGTON (CNS) — When the Supreme Court weighs in on the constitutionality of the lethal- injection executions in Oklahoma this year, its ruling will not likely be a tipping point in eliminating capital punishment in the U.S., but some experts say it could be the beginning of the end of this practice….

Feed my sheep: Archbishops to receive palliums at home with their flock

January 29, 2015 VATICAN CITY (CNS) — When Pope Francis celebrates the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul in June, he will set aside an element that has been part of the Mass for the past 32 years; the Vatican confirmed he will not confer the pallium on new archbishops during the liturgy. Msgr. Guido…

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