Bishop Kettler’s Statement Re: Today’s U.S. Supreme Court Decision

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Diocese of St. Cloud  


Joe Towalski
Director of Communications
(O) 320-258-7624


June 26, 2015

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in opposition to the truth of marriage. Marriage remains the union of one man and one woman committed to lifelong love and its potential to create and care for new life.

Traditional marriage is the foundation of family life. Marriage witnesses to the complementarity of husband and wife and to their unselfish, self-giving love, which benefits children and the common good. As Pope Francis recently noted, we must make every effort to “rediscover the beauty of the creative design that also inscribes the image of God in the alliance between man and woman.”

While the Church must proclaim the uncompromising truths of our faith, it also strives to show unconditional love to all persons. Each and every person is created in the image and likeness of God, and our faith teaches that we must treat all people with respect — including those with whom we disagree.

For those of us who disagree with the court’s decision, it is important to remain vigilant in support of laws and public policies that promote religious liberty and protect consciences. I ask you to keep this in your prayers during the Fortnight for Freedom in support of religious liberty, which began June 21 and continues until July 4.

One of the best responses we can have to the Supreme Court’s decision is to recommit ourselves to the sanctity of traditional marriage and how we witness to it in our lives. As a Church, we stand ready to continue to uphold marriage and family as the backbone of society and strive to assist in building a healthy culture for generations to come.