Safe Haven Sunday

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Equipping the Family, Safeguarding Children

Safe Haven Sunday is celebrating its first year of raising awareness throughout dioceses and parishes in the United States regarding the negative impacts of pornography on individuals, marriages, families and society. Safe Haven Sunday is a weekend set aside by dioceses and parishes to directly address the harms of pornography in an appropriate way. Within the context of the Mass, dioceses and parishes are able to provide teaching and resources that will support and protect individuals, marriages and families in making all homes a safe haven.

It is inspired by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ formal statement “Create in Me a Clean Heart: A Pastoral Response to Pornography”,
where they explain, “The use of pornography by anyone in the home deprives the home of its role as a safe haven and has negative effects throughout a family’s life and across generations.”

The full text is also available online in Spanish as a flipbook: Crea en mí un corazón puro: Una respuesta pastoral a la pornografía.
More resources at the USCCB.

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