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Free. Enrollment limited to 40 per cohort. All faith traditions welcome.




WHO SHOULD ATTEND?  Priests, pastors, associate pastors, rabbis, imams, teaching elders, deacons, lay ministers, lay leaders, and others who serve rural congregations.

WHY IS THIS TRAINING IMPORTANT? Rural suicide happens more frequently in rural than in urban areas and is frequently shrouded with stigma. People often turn to clergy and ministry leaders for help, but these individuals often have little training in knowing how to ask someone about thoughts of suicide, how to connect them to help, and/or how to provide ministry after a suicide attempt or death.

WHAT WILL I LEARN? Together with a cohort of other faith leaders, you will learn approaches and skills that equip you for prevention, intervention, and postvention (bereavement) tasks so you can effectively care for people struggling with thoughts of suicide or impacted by suicide.

  • Insight, stories, and guidance from clergy and people with lived experience of suicide.
  • How to engage people currently thinking about suicide and connect them to help.
  • How to provide pastoral care to bereaved people following a suicide.
  • Exercises to practice your skills and tools to plan for future ministry.


6-hour online LivingWorks Faith curriculum (own pace)

  • 4 weekly noon hour discussion groups on Zoom

While the course draws heavily on Christian theology, clergy of all faiths are welcome.


    • Cohort 1:  April 16 – May 7, 2024
    • Cohort 2:  April 18 – May 9, 2024
    • Cohort 3:  September 17 – October 8, 2024

We will try our best to assign you to your first choice of cohort.

Registration deadline is April 5, 2024.


Glen Bloomstrom, M.Div, M.S., LivingWorks Director of Faith Community Engagement, with other members of the Living Works staff.

If you have questions about the course content, please contact Glen at 612-824-1395 orFaithMN@livingworks.net. For other questions, please contact Meg at 651-201-6616 or meg.moynihan@state.mn.us.

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