Resources for Sponsor Couples & Engaged Couples

The below video was created by the USCCB. It walks you through the Rite of Marriage, whether you’re marrying another Catholic, a baptized person who is not Catholic, or someone who is not baptized. It also answers several FAQs about Catholic weddings. Ideal for engaged couples, their families and anyone who is involved in Catholic marriage preparation.

Ministry Resources

A couple-to-couple ministry in which married couples mentor engaged couples to help them prepare for a Christian marriage.

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Fully Engaged is a Catholic catechetical premarital inventory designed to help engaged couples solidify the foundation upon which they, together with Christ, will build their Sacrament of Marriage. Grounded in Church teaching and loaded with catechetical content, this dynamic premarital inventory is a trustworthy guide that meets the real challenges today’s couples face. View information about Fully Engaged.


Catholic Church’s Teaching on the Barrier Methods of Contraception The Catholic Church’s teachings on contraception, though controversial to some, are in fact an integral part of its proclamation of the Gospel, the Good News that each person is infinitely loved and cherished by God, our Creator. We are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26), Who is a communion of three divine Persons (Father, Son, and Spirit). Thus we are created as persons, gifted with the capabilities for knowledge, self-awareness, and freedom. By our very nature, we are called to relationships of self-giving love. The long ages of human history demonstrate that we long to know truth, that we desire happiness, and that we find true fulfillment in loving and being loved by others. Continue reading or to print out a copy of the Barrier Method Brochure (PDF.)

Outline of the Church’s Teachings on Sexuality The expression of sexual intimacy is reserved for marriage where it becomes a sign and pledge of spiritual communion. The union of husband and wife achieves the two-fold end of marriage: the good of the spouses themselves and the transmission of life. Continue reading or to print a copy of this Churches Teaching on Sexuality brochure (PDF.)

7 Reasons Why Living Together Before Marriage is Not a Good Idea Numerous empirical studies indicate that living together does not produce healthier, happier marriages, but the contrary. Mature love is built on the security of knowing that your love is exclusive and permanent. To read about the seven reasons researchers have studied or to print the 7 Reasons Why brochure (PDF.)


Ecumenical Guidelines for Catholics Marrying Other Christians

These guidelines are intended to help couples live the covenant of marriage as understood in the Christian faith. The goal is to acquaint you with the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church and to help you live the Christian life in love and unity.

Your common Christian heritage provides the basis of your spiritual bond and personal faith. This common Christian calling should be the starting point from which all decisions and considerations of your spiritual lives are made. Read more on the ecumenical guidelines.

Diocese of Saint Cloud Marriage Preparation Policy

Congratulations on your decision to marry! The next months will be busy ones as you plan your wedding celebration and prepare for your up-coming marriage. We hope during this exciting time that you take time to listen to God’s call in your lives as you journey toward a Christ-centered marriage.

The following policies of the Diocese of Saint Cloud have been carefully designed with you and your future in mind. It is from a profound concern for couples, like you, who are planning to be married that we strive to provide quality marriage preparation. The issues and pressures you face today are more demanding and stressful than ever before. By focusing on Gospel principles, you will begin your marriage with the tools that will make a faithful, lifelong love possible. Read more of the Marriage Preparation policy.

Minnesota Education Bill In August 2001, the State of Minnesota enacted a bill regarding premarital education. This bill offers a $75 waiver off marriage license fees to couples who complete a minimum of 12 hours of premarital education that includes: a premarital inventory AND the teaching of communication & conflict management skills These requirements are met through the completion of the Fully Engaged premarital inventory administered within each individual parish and this diocesan approved Marriage Preparation Course. Read more if the Marriage Education Bill. Espanol

Here is a list of Things to do Before “I Do” – a timeline of preparation steps and requirements for getting married in the Diocese of Saint Cloud.