For 2019-2020


This is the cover of the USCCB “Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.” (CNS photo illustration/Rick Musacchio, Tennessee Register)

Reporting Abuse

  1. Information on Reporting Abuse can be found in these brochures: How to Report Sexual Abuse and Exploitation (English, PDF) and Como Reportar el Abuso Sexual y La Explotacion (Español, PDF) or online at “How to Report Abuse“.

Letter from Bishop Kettler

  1. Read the Letter from Bishop Donald Kettler promulgating our 2019-2020 Safe Environment efforts throughout the diocese.

Training and Background Checks of Adults

  1. Training and Background Checks are now synced, and will be renewed together every 5 years. This is done online at
  2. Training and Background Checks are required for all employees and for any volunteer working regularly with minors and/or vulnerable adults before they begin their ministry.
  3. New staff and volunteers should ‘Register for a New Account.’ Those who have an account need to use it. If in doubt, or if you forgot your username or password, check with your site administrator.
  4. See details in the the new Revised Sexual Misconduct Policy 2019 (and the Standard of Ministerial Behavior and Boundaries 2019) as well as the Spanish versions, Poliza de Etica Ministerial En Relacion a Inapropiada Conducta Sexual y Abuso Sexual 2019 (y Ética Ministerial de Comportamiento y Límites MinisterialesCódigo de Conducta para todo el personal de la Iglesia 2019).
  5. Instructions for site administrators can be found here.

Training of Students

  1. Student Training is outlined online or through an email that was sent by Linda Kaiser to site administrators.
  2. Site administrators need to record student training data online under the Children’s Data tab in the left sidebar of their account at
  3. Instructions entering Children’s Data can be found here.

Meetings with Site Administrators

Linda Kaiser and Tim Welch met with site administrators around the diocese at the beginning of this school year. They are available to meet with those who could not attend upon request, either in person or via cyber conferencing. Please call Catholic Education Ministries at 320-251-0111 to schedule a meeting if you would like one.

Last Year’s 2018-2019 Training for Adults: Reviewal Only

For 2018-2019

We have moved to a new platform for Adult Training and Background checks hosted at Catholic Mutual Group’s CMG Connect. Your parish or school site administrator has more information, and you may always contact Catholic Education Ministries at 320-251-0111 with questions.

Instructions for Logging into Safe Environment Training and Background Checking at CMG Connect (

If you have had your background checked within the last four years:

Your account is already in the system! Check with your Site Administrator for your username and password.

  1. Go to and click on the green Sign in Here button on the top right.
  2. Use this format for your username: legalfirstname.lastname.dosc (example – Betty Jones would type in Elizabeth.Jones.dosc) Note: in very few cases there are people with the same name. In that case, make sure that your site is the correct parish or school. If it isn’t, log in again with a “1” after “.dosc”.
  3. Your site administrator will have your password for you, which you will want to change upon first login.
  4. Make sure your Profile is complete and correct (this is a one-time task).
  5. Do the “RENEWAL TRAINING – A Safe Side of the Line (St Cloud)” which will NOT prompt you to have your background checked. It will take about 30 minutes.
  6. You will not need to do training again until your background check expires, at which time you will use your same account and do the longer training that ends with a background check.

If you are new, or have a background check that expires this year or before:

  1. Go to and fill in the information under Register for a New Account and complete the information requested. You may choose any username.
  2. Do the “Safe Environment Training, Policy Acknowledgement, and Background Check (St Cloud)” which WILL prompt you to have your background checked. It will take about 90 minutes, but you can log out between segments and return later. While you may pause a video, it will start from the beginning if you log out, so make sure you have time to watch each one to complete its segment.

NOTE on how to advance after reading the documents: Some end users have had difficulty getting past the embedded documents in their browsers (the Internet program). The window with the document is scrollable… but under that window is the button to advance to the next segment. Make sure you use the far right scroll bar, or your mouse’s scroll wheel while hovering outside the document, to scroll further down to find the “I Understand and Agree to the Above Terms”, “Next Page” or “Curriculum Completed” button, depending on the context. (In rare cases, it may help to zoom out the view of your window to see the button as well.)



The Diocesan Sexual Misconduct Policy and Ethics and Integrity Guidelines are part of your training on the new CMG Connect platform, but we have them here as well for quick reference.

Diocesan Sexual Misconduct Policy

  • Policy (Revised, April 2017. English, PDF)
  • Política (The new policy will be translated. Spanish, DOC)

Ethics and Integrity Guidelines

2017-2018 Training for Adults: Reviewal Only

Here is the 2017-2018 Adult Training in case you want to review it

Step 1: Sign a Criminal Background Check Release Form and return it to your Safe Environment Contact person if you have not done so within the past 5 years

Step 2: Read the Diocesan Sexual Misconduct Policy.

  • Policy (Revised, April 2017. English, PDF)
  • Política (The new policy will be translated. Spanish, DOC)

Step 3: Read the Ethics and Integrity Guidelines.

Step 4: Watch the following video: “Creating a Safe Environment: Building a Community of Trust”.

Step 5: Complete the questionnaire below, click “submit,” and wait for the confirmation notice.

This will document the completion of your annual safe environment training (refresh the page if you don’t see the training questions below).
Note: After you click “Submit”, you should see a message saying “Your online training is complete!” If it doesn’t appear, please click here, answer the questions, and click “Submit” again.

FOR TRAINERS DOING FACE TO FACE TRAINING: You may download the Word (DOC) or PDF version of this questionnaire to make copies for your group. Each participant will need to sign it, and you will want to keep the signed forms on file.

Also, you may download the video by right clicking here (MP4) and selecting Save As… , Save Target As…, or Save Link as… depending on your browser. That way, Internet access during your showing is not an issue. You can play the video right from your computer.

[gravityform id=”1″ name=”Safe Environment Online Questionnaire”]

You must click the “Submit” button for the information to be sent. If there is any problem seeing the questions, click here to reload the form.